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Sire: +MR H RED RHINO 765 # 845115


DOB: 9/8/2023

MF Mr. Top Shelf Rhino 59/3 is a young herd bull prospect that we think has the quality to show and the genetics to be a herd influencer.  Study the structural soundness, bone, muscle, rib shape, length, and clean sheath that this calf offers.  Yes, you have to appreciate the build of this young bull but it will be his pedigree that will have the longest impact. 

The sire to Top Shelf is +Mr. H Red Rhino who has been one of the most influential sires of the past 20 years in the breed.  This sire was first widely recognized during his show career which ended on a high note with an International Champion title.  Due to semen availability and superiority many breeders utilized Red Rhino which resulted in a number of quality offspring.  One of the early offspring that proved to be influential was +CT Lady Rhineaux Ray 8/9 who was a TWO-TIME National & International Champion and ABBA Show Cow of the Year.  Not only was 8/9 a winner but she injected this superiority into her offspring and as a result now resides as the #1 Register of Renown Cow.  Of course, Lady Rhineaux Ray has been one of his most influential offspring but there have been many more who helped him enter the Register of Renown including Lady H Venus Rojo 188/8 the 2021 Reserve International Champion Red Female who was sold for $200,000.  It should be noted that Red Rhino semen is not on the open market in the USA and the last time that it was offer we purchased it for $10,000/straw in the Brahmans at the Camellia Sale.

The dam to Top Shelf is Moreno Ms. Lady Rapunsel who was a many time show winner and is backed by an amazing pedigree!  Rapunsel is sired by +Moreno Mr. Rockstar who was the #1 top producing sire at the 2023 International Brahman Show and then out of a Register of Renown Moreno Ranches donor that combines +VL Rojo Apache and the International Champion +LB Lady Violet. 

We think Top Shelf has a bright future and LOVE his pedigree that encompasses some of the most influential genetics in the breed!

*The Application for Registration on Top Shelf has been submitted but is held up due to the parent verification results on the dam not being received yet by ABBA.  There is no question that the pedigree is correct and it would be expected that the DNA results will be back and the bull registered before the end of April.

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