Female Sexed Pregnant Recipient: +Mr. V8 279/7 X Miss HMC Polled 103/1 (PP)
Lot Number:2
Start Time:5/22/2024 1:00:00 PM
End Time:5/24/2024 1:11:59 AM
Bid Count:22
Winning Bidder:Bidder
Starting Bid:$3,000.00
Bid Increment:$100.00
Current Bid:$5,000.00
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Sire: +Mr. V8 279/7 #910241
Dam: Miss HMC Polled 103/1 (PP) #1013717

Want to be a leader in producing POLLED BRAHMANS???  Study this superior mating.  The dam to the resulting heifer calf is Miss HMC Polled 103/1 (PP) a HOMOZYGOUS POLLED female meaning that 100% of her calves even when bred to a horned bull will be POLLED.  We purchased 103/1 in the 2021 ABBA National Sale as the high selling lot.  103/1 is sired by LMC LN Polled Pappo 136/6 (PP) one of the top red polled sires in the breed validated by the success of his offspring in the show ring and in the pasture. The dam to 103/1, Miss SRS Polled Katie (P), is an influential donor who we purchased for $44,000 last year in the Brahmans at the Camellia Sale, produced Miss HMC Polled 42/1 (P) a “cash cow” for David Lawrence, and Mr. HMC 111/1 (P) a herd sire that headlined the HM Cattle Co. Online Sale fetching $20,000.  To create this pregnancy Miss HMC Polled 103/1 (PP) was mated to the most utilized POLLED Brahman bull in the breed based on registrations, +Mr. V8 279/7 (P).  +Mr. V8 279/9 is sired by the National Champion and breed influencer +JDH Mr. Elmo Manso and out of Miss V8 510/6 who also produced Mr. V8 794/7 and Miss V8 100/6 (National Champion & dam to +Mr. V8 458/7 “Noble”). It should be known that 279/7 produces a large number of HOMOZYGOUS offspring making the resulting calf of this package high probable.

The pregnant recipient carrying a female sexed embryo is due September 12, 2024.


Supplement Photos:

Lot 2-1 Sire of calf

Lot 2-2 Son of Miss HMC Polled 103/1 (PP)


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