Embryos: NCC Red Odyssey (P) X CT Sparkles Rhineaux 20/0
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Sire: NCC Red Odyssey (P) #1000101
Dam: CT Sparkles Rhineaux 20/0 #1019192

Price = 3 X Bid


Genetic Excellence is how you would best describe this embryo package!!!  The resulting calf will have the following influential animals in its three generation pedigree: +TJF Mr. Smokin Gun who has sired more International Champions over the past three years than any other red sire, the Reserve National Champion and dam to an International Show Division Winner +CT Nannie Mae Rhineaux, the National Champion and globally utilized sire +JDH Mr. Elmo Manso, and BOTH #1 Register of Renowns (+Mr. V8 380/6, +CT Lady Rhineaux Ray).  You simply cannot script a more influential pedigree!!!!

We can give you the run down on this mating but you have likely see the influence of both NCC Red Odyssey and CT Sparkles Rhineaux 20/0 in this sale to know enough about them and their producing ability.  We think this mating should be OUTSTANDING!!!

Selling a package of three (3) embryos with a guarantee of one (1) 60 day pregnancy if implanted by a certified embryo technician.  If no pregnancy is achieved from the first three (3) embryos one additional embryo will be given.


Supplement Photos:

Lot 5-1 Sire

Lot 5-2 Daughter of Red Odyssey

Lot 5-3 Daughter of Sparkles

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