Female Sexed Embryos: (+)JDH Karu Manso 800 X JDH Miss Soto Manso
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Sire: (+)JDH Karu Manso 800 #727046
Dam: JDH Miss Soto Manso #920657

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The influence of (+)JDH Madison De Manso 737/4 X (+)JDH Karu Manso 800 has long been known as the “Golden Cross”.  Study this female sexed embryo package and you will see that we have combined some of the top genetics in the breed and what should result in THE TOTAL PACKAGE.

The dam to the female sexed embryos is JDH Miss Soto Manso 452/8 was originally sold by J.D. Hudgins – Hudgins Division for $40,000 in the 2015 ABBA International Brahman Sale. This deep bodied, heavy muscled, big boned, and super eye appealing cow is a daughter of the legendary Vanguard Sire (+)JDH Sir Lawford Manso 616/6.  The dam to 452/8 earned the coveted status of Maternal Merit Cow due to her superior fertility and performance, which should come as no surprise being sired by the Vanguard Sire and National & International Champion (+)JDH Mr. Woodman Manso.  If you are progressive and require that a donor female not only have a great pedigree and functional build but breed leading genetic predictors then check out the performance profile of 452/8 that charts positive for 11 of the 16 measured traits.  JDH Miss Soto Manso 452/8 has been an outstanding producer averaging 40 oocytes on four procedures over the past two years. 

The sire of this mating is the original, legendary, International & National Champion, Performance Trait Leader, and Vanguard Sire (+)JDH Karu Manso 800.  We are one of the few breeders in the USA to have access to this legendary sire making this an exclusive opportunity.

We expect the offspring from this mating to be growthy, deep, adequate in their bone, beefy, and have a performance profile that is moderate for Birth Weight, extreme from Growth, Marbling & Milk and above average for Ribeye Area EPD’s.

Selling a package of three (3) female sexed embryos with a guarantee of one (1) 60 day pregnancy if implanted by a certified embryo technician.  If no pregnancy is achieved from the first three (3) embryos one additional embryo will be given.


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