Embryos: +Mr. H Red Rhino 765 X LB Ms. CR Sienna Manso 842/4
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Start Time:5/22/2024 1:00:00 PM
End Time:5/24/2024 1:11:59 AM
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Sire: +Mr. H Red Rhino 765 #845115
Dam: LB Ms. CR Sienna Manso 842/4 #970007

Price = 3 X Bid


We think this mating should be a HOME RUN!  We bought LB Ms. CR Sienna Manso 842/4 last Fall due to her outstanding build being dark red, long, level, deep, beefy, and feminine.  Sienna is a daughter of an 18 year old cow that has produced 44 offspring for HK Cattle, Chaparral Ranch, Moonshine Red Brahmans, and Nathan Green.  Many of the offspring from HK Ms. Passport 698 have been exported due to their superiority.  To further add value to this impressive package Sienna is sired by the National Champion and global icon with close to 800 registered progeny, +JDH Mr. Elmo Manso.  This is the first mating that we created out of Sienna making it an exclusive opportunity.  The sire to the embryo package is the International Champion and proven sire +Mr. H Red Rhino 765 who has been one of the most influential sires of the past 20 years.  Red Rhino is likely best known due to his daughter +CT Lady Rhineaux Ray 8/9 who was a TWO-TIME National & International Champion and ABBA Show Cow of the Year.  Not only was 8/9 a winner but she injected this superiority into her offspring and as a result now resides as the #1 Register of Renown Cow.  Of course, Lady Rhineaux Ray has been one of Red Rhino’s most influential offspring but there have been many more who helped him reach the Register of Renown including the 2021 Reserve International Champion Lady H Venus Rojo who sold for $200,000 and Mr. H Steel Rojo.  Study this opportunity and you will quickly realize that the resulting calf has the potential to be a breed influencer!

Selling a package of three (3) embryos with a guarantee of one (1) 60 day pregnancy if implanted by a certified embryo technician.  If no pregnancy is achieved from the first three (3) embryos one additional embryo will be given.


Supplement Photos:

Lot 7-1 Sire

Lot 7-2 Paternal Half Sister to Embryos- +CT Lady Rhineaux Ray

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